The PIKiosk 900 is Easily Capable of:

  • Connection to your on-line catalog. Access to be provided via high-speed data line such as ISDN, 56kbps, T1 etc. Network connectivity, such as routers, cables and other hardware is the library's responsiblity.
  • Connection to on-line, full-text databases of journal citations, i.e., IAC, SearchBank, UMI, Proquest Direct, etc. Access to be provided as indicated above.
  • Connection to a number of "built in," on-line databases such as: real-time national news from CNBC, CNN and USA Today; real-time local/national weather reports; real-time stock quotes and financial information; USA/Canadian Postal zip codes; white and yellow pages for all 50 states and Mapquest which allows a PIKiosk user to plan a trip anywhere in North America, national/state/local job listings and more!
  • Internet connection to library and/or local municipality Home Page.
  • Live telephone access to the reference desk of your choosing.
  • Automating applications to join the Friends of the Library or become a volunteer with a fax back to the library or on-line capability.
  • Telephone access to local government agencies and access to their specific URLs on the county's Home Page, if available.
  • Delivers photos, addresses, and telephone numbers of local and state politicians (either via the WWW or scanned and loaded onto the hard disk).
  • Provides access to any statewide library free net or statewide information database accessible through the internet. Or, if not available, we can provide access to your State Home Page.
  • Sending and receiving faxes and copy services.
  • And much much more!

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